Floods in Harrold Ward

Following the worst rainfall in Harrold Ward since 1998 homes were affected by flooding in Odell and Harrold.   Flooding at the Country Park and Hall Close in Harrold was worse than it has been for a number of years and Cllr Foster requested that CCTV investigations be carried out to identify problems with drainage.  As a result, pipes were replaced and new gullies were laid.  Repairs were also carried out to rectify the damage. 

Cllr Foster also arranged for representatives from the Environment Agency to visit Odell and Harrold in May and June to speak to residents and discuss their concerns.   The Environment Agency explained to residents the systems it has in place for monitoring the river during periods of heavy rainfall.  As a result of this meeting, residents in Odell agreed to set up the Odell Flood Forum which works with the Environment Agency and the Borough Council to prepare in the likelihood of future major flooding. 

A priority for Cllr Foster was to address the frequent flooding under the railway bridge between Podington and Wymington which had on several occasions made the road impassable and dangerous.  She requested that investigations take place to find out where the problem lay. The Borough Council subsequently undertook a CCTV survey and cleared and jetted the drainage system.  The pipes were found to be inadequate in that they were not large enough to cope with the volumes of water they were expected to carry and the pipes were also damaged in places. Cllr Foster asked for these to be replaced.  This work was undertaken by the Borough Council.  This appears to have resolved the problem and Cllr Foster is hopeful that this will alleviate flooding on the road in the future.