Cllr John Mingay

Cllr John Mingay is a Ward Member for Newnham.  He came to Bedford in the early 1940s and attended the Silver Jubilee CSM School in Acacia Road.  After leaving school he worked in local government and then joined a teacher training course at Bedford College.  John is a qualified teacher and he also has a degree from the Open University.  He taught in state schools for around 30 years, including 22 years at Mark Rutherford School.

John was first elected to represent Newnham Ward in 1992.  He has successfully defended this seat at 9 elections; 8 as a Borough Councillor and once on the former County Council.  John was also named Deputy Mayor in the year before the current elected Mayor system was introduced.  He was also appointed as the first ever Speaker of the Council in 2003.

He currently sits on the Council's Adult Services and Health Committee, of which he is Chair, the Audit and Standards Committees and the Bedfordshire Fire Authority.

John has been Captain of Bedford Rowing Club on a record 7 occasions.  His rowing career spans 40 years, in which time he won 107 events, including 3 World Masters Championships in 1976 (Berlin), 1977 (Amsterdam) and 1979 (Nottingham).

John is married with 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

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Priory Country Park Café Opens

Newnham Ward Cllr John Mingay has welcomed the opening of a new café in Bedford’s Priory Country Park.