Cllr Alison Foster Finalises Ward Fund Projects for Harrold Ward

Harrold Ward Cllr Alison Foster has finalised her Council Ward Fund projects for 2012/13.  The Ward Fund gives Bedford Borough Councillors the opportunity to make contributions to schemes which will benefit the community.  Cllr Foster’s schemes are as follows:

Dog bin for Rushden Road, Wymington - £190.00

Salt bin for South Grove, Wymington - £450.00

Contribution towards Jubilee swing for play area in Carlton - £2,000.00

New directional sign for Emmaus, Carlton - £300.00

Contribution towards play equipment for Harrold Centre play area £2,000.00

Contribution towards replacement fencing for Harrold Tennis Club £1,074.15

Anti-bullying educational project at Harrold Priory Middle School - £200.00

Salt bin Tannery Lane junction, Odell - £450.00

Painting of telephone box to house new defibrillator, Odell - £500.00

New Notice Board in Hinwick - £1,260.00

New bench for Podington High Street - £498.85

Total Spent £8,923.00

If you have any suggestions for schemes that may benefit from Cllr Foster’s Ward Fund in 2013/14 please do not hesitate to contact her.